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Artist Residencies


As innovators in the digital technology and art space, Frameless believes in supporting emerging creatives and talent. In order to do this, throughout the year, our Blank Canvas gallery plays host to select works from emerging artists in the digital art world. Situated just off the Café Bar, Blank Canvas is the perfect space to spend some time before or after your main gallery visit to take in the impressive work of some of the best up-and-coming talent there is to offer. From time to time the Blank Canvas gallery will be closed for events, and residencies are limited, so be sure to keep an eye out on our What’s On Page for upcoming information on new artists.

Celebrating 1 year of Artist Residencies

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Frameless residencies showcasing the best up-and-coming talent from the vibrant digital art community, this summer visitors can also enjoy a complimentary show featuring highlights from the past year’s artists, including RCA graduates and acclaimed multidisciplinary artist Maliha Abidi.

This special exhibition, located in our ‘Blank Canvas’ gallery, is available to anyone who purchases a ticket during standard opening hours until October 2024, when the Blank Canvas gallery is open.




The thought-provoking, three-part audio-visual experience featured three of the RCA’s best emerging talent, Olesea Bortniac, Shahwali Shayan and Tao Xie, pushing the boundaries of creativity as they explored the concept of continuous transformation, the ongoing process of change and evolution in our fragile and beautiful world. The term ‘Samsara’ derives from Indian philosophy about the flow of new life.


‘Illuminating the Arctic Night’ was the first showing from audio visual artist Lela Amparo. Utilising machine learning and generative practices, both the visual and audio components of the show captured the raw, and often unforgiving coldness that engulfs Scandinavia in the winter months. Visitors could step into an ambient, Scandinavian digital winter, projected floor to ceiling across three screens in our Blank Canvas gallery.

Frameless Immersive Art Experience Maliha Abidi


Maliha Abidi is a Pakistani-American multidisciplinary artist and author living between London and Los Angeles. Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, she migrated to California, United States at the age of 14. Her art focuses on advocating for social justice including women’s rights, girls’ education and mental health. Using bright and bold colours, Maliha hopes to get people interested in complex issues that impact our societies. “Come for the art, stay for the cause.” – Maliha Abidi.

‘Shifting Shadows: A New Horizon’ is the first showing of this new installation from acclaimed artist Maliha Abidi and is shown at Frameless as part of an immersive display of some of her best-known works. Projected floor to ceiling across three screens the specially sound-scaped work takes its viewers on a boundary-breaking journey. The meticulously crafted animated masterpiece challenges prevailing norms for women in public realms, centered on realities observed from across Pakistan, South Asia and beyond.

Frameless Immersive Art Experience Lewis Osborne


Bristol-based digital artist Lewis Osborne is best known for his hypnotic, cartoonish animations. His work is showcased as a digital art experience transporting visitors into another world, inhabited by uncanny characters who interact with surreal, geometric environments, each inspired by the daily toils of life. At face value the work is fun, mesmerising and playful but take a closer look and you’ll see a wry wink and a nod to the bizarre mundanity of the day to day. One of Lewis’ signature works, ‘Chasing happiness’, shows a sad character trying to chase ‘happiness’ on an infinite staircase. ‘Drown out the thoughts’ shows the artist’s love for music and how it is used as a coping mechanism, depicting his colourful yet sarcastic style.

Frameless Immersive Art Experience Cem Hasimi


Cem Hasimi became the first contemporary artist to spotlight their art within Frameless’ fifth ‘Blank Canvas’ gallery when his show opened on 4th August. His residency runs throughout August 2023 with a collection of his captivating works, featured on three floor-to-ceiling walls in a 20-minute show. With roots in Turkey and now based in London, Cem’s art is driven by his personal experiences, emotions and observations, aiming to inspire joy and ignite curiosity. Notably, his acclaimed piece “the Hole” made a significant impact as it was recently projected onto Times Square in collaboration with Artcrush Gallery.


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