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Frameless Immersive Art Experience Sustainability


At Frameless, we’re well aware of the environmental impact of running a venue like ours and are committed to minimising it. We’re constantly striving to reduce our negative environmental impact and build a more socially equitable company. That’s why we’re committed to managing our venue with a strong environmental, ethical, and sustainable ethos.


A state of the art building

You can’t build an ambitious new experience like Frameless without first thinking long and hard about the wider environment. From day one we were determined to create a venue that would have as little impact as possible.

During the refurbishment and re-fitting of the venue, we reused and repurposed whatever we could, wherever we could. We found ways to minimise energy consumption at every opportunity. We use the latest projection and LED technology and energy efficient automated systems for our lighting. Automated systems also help us save water on our taps and urinals.

Our air conditioning and hot water, meanwhile, is provided by energy efficient heat exchange plates that transfer heat naturally without any harmful or toxic coolant solutions.

State of the art technology

The Panasonic projectors in our immersive galleries are all cutting edge. Unlike traditional LED walls used in some other immersive venues, these projectors not only have superior image quality, but also use three times less power than an LED wall.

New and renewable

At launch, Frameless will be powered by 93% renewable energy and hopefully by 100% in the not-too-distant future, and we don’t use any gas on site.

We’re careful about what you eat

Working with our on-site catering partners, Rhubarb Hospitality Collection (RHC), our café serves healthy, locally-sourced food wherever possible. We pay close attention to seasonality and try to minimise our food miles whenever we can. We also offer a delicious selection of vegan and vegetarian options.

As a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), RHC strives to purchase only food products that meet the highest ethical and animal welfare standards. All fish is traceable and caught with responsible fishing methods. All eggs are free range or organic. All meat is high welfare and locally sourced. To support, global vendors and fruit and vegetable suppliers are members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

RHC sources ethical coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate and exotic fruit with the majority being Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certified.

All our coffee is served in aqueous coffee cups which are PE & PLA plastic free and 100% recyclable. RHC strives to eliminate single use plastic from all its catering supplies and doesn’t sell any drinks in or from single use plastics.

Water stations are available at Frameless for visitors to fill their own bottles and we only sell sparkling water in cans that are light to transport and can be recycled infinitely.

Using less. The Frameless way

At Frameless, we operate a reduce, reuse and recycle policy. We recycle all paper, aluminium, plastic and glass and have recycling bins for all our visitors to use.
Our default ticketing option is an e-ticket (purchased online) to save on paper and waste and we operate a paperless office for all our correspondence.
We separate and recycle waste in all locations and are working towards having to send zero waste to landfill. We also try to donate items we no longer use instead of throwing them away.

We’re only as good as our people

In our view a business is as good as the people it employs. That’s why at Frameless, we’re committed to providing quality employment and to supporting sustainable local economic growth. We provide year-round job opportunities and excellent working conditions and we welcome applications from all sections of the community. All applicants are treated in a fair and equal manner regardless of gender, marital status, race, religion, colour, age, disability or sexual orientation.

A shop of thoughtful gifts

Was it made locally? What are its ethical and environmental credentials? How small is its footprint? These are the types of question we ask of everything we sell in our shop.

We work closely with our suppliers to understand as much as we can about a product’s provenance and have a procurement approach that seeks to minimise its environmental impact. Wherever possible we also look for minimal packaging and all our paper products are FSC certified.

Less travel more often

We understand that travel is a way of life for most of us. However, at Frameless we’re committed to reducing our reliance on transport to reduce carbon emissions. We encourage all our visitors to travel to us on foot, or by bike or public transport. For our business operations we strive to use only bicycles, hybrids or carbon-neutral courier services and wherever possible, we try to bulk buy to keep deliveries to a minimum.


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