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Throughout the centuries, artists have captured the complexity of our world with paint. They have filled canvases with astonishing landscapes, alternate realities, sublime colour and ultimate purity – seeking to express the very essence of humanity. Today, technology allows us to get closer to these masterpieces than ever before. Step beyond the frame and be immersed in the astonishing worlds these artists have created. Travel through time and space to experience every brushstroke with all your senses.

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Covering 30,000 square feet, Frameless takes you on a culturally rich, multi-sensory journey. Enjoy every moment at your own pace and visit the galleries in any order you like. Wander, wonder and take in every masterpiece. When you need a bite to eat or a place to sit back and reflect, nestle into our soothing on-site Café Bar and enjoy the tempting array of seasonal food and beverage options. On the way out, explore our beautifully curated shop and find something to remind you of your day. Want to plan your trip? Come find us!

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The music in each gallery has it own unique setting. Both Colour in Motion and The Art of Abstraction galleries are accompanied by an original musical score, composed by Nick Powell. Chapman Hammond is the curator of both Beyond Reality and The World Around Us respectively. The blend of breath-taking classical and contemporary music is played on an impressive set of 158 state-of-the-art surround sound speakers, completing this fully immersive experience.


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You will find information on the work displayed, artists, curation, music and more in the Crossing Gallery, just before you enter each space. There are also QR codes displayed, to download more information to keep on your phone as a handy guide. Our guide site offers 9 different language translations including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Arabic and Japanese. Furthermore, BSL and AD services are provided as well as the music played in each of the galleries to further enhance your experience. Our beautiful and informative Frameless souvenir brochure is also available in the gift shop.


What’s On

Frameless is an ever-changing canvas, with exciting pop ups, unique and special events taking place throughout the year. From ballerinas in Beyond Reality to yoga in The World Around Us and romantic date night specials, make sure you’re in the know about upcoming events. In addition, we also offer accessible sessions, including Chilled sessions (which offer a less stimulating experience) and guided BSL and Audio Described tours. Go check out what is coming up! Our Café Bar also offer seasonal menus to appeal to your appetite.

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