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Frameless has proudly collaborated with Portrait of Britain winning photographer Sander Vos, and London-based studio, Quirky Creative, for the launch of a striking new brand campaign ‘Feel More’.

The campaign portrays the arts and culture experience as a welcome antidote to modern living and a place that can alter your perspective, where you can immerse yourself in the present through the global language of art, music and culture.

Our integrated campaign launched with a tease on our instagram last week, which focused on one of Van Gogh’s most famous self-portraits, featuring an ajar door in his forehead, providing a glimpse into his mind, a moving, digital interpretation of Starry Night that captured the view from his asylum in Southern France and inviting viewers to ‘Enter A New Frame Of Mind’.

The main campaign ‘Feel More’, features striking black & white portraiture from Portrait of Britain winner, photographer Sander Vos, who said “Frameless breaks down the barriers of art for many, taking iconic works from some of the world’s greatest artists like Dalí, Cezanne and Van Gogh and bringing them to life in a way that talks to the way we consume culture in a digital world. It was a privilege to work with the whole team to capture the deeply emotional and personal reaction that each individual has to the artworks within the galleries.”

The multi-generational subjects featured within the campaign reflect our belief in art for all and flowing from each individual is a giant mind cloud filled with a famous reimagined artwork that can be discovered within our galleries.

The work is the first from Quirky Creative, a new London based studio. Supporting rising talent is a key tenet of our creative approach, with a focus on supporting contemporary digital artists and providing platforms to the best emerging talent from the diverse and vibrant creative community.

Frameless’ Head of Brand, Cathy Wells, one of the key collaborators on the project, said “It’s well established that engaging with the arts has a positive impact on the mind regardless of age and we’re living in an era where escapism and maintaining a healthy mind has never been more important. Through this campaign we are celebrating the power of art when it comes to altering perspectives and its unique ability to put you in touch with your emotions. Sander and the team at Quirky Creative Studio have perfectly encapsulated the feelings experienced by the hundreds of thousands of visitors that have spent time connecting with the art in our galleries over the past 18 months.”

Keep an eye out for our extensive campaign across London! We hope it inspires you to immerse yourself in the present and ‘Feel More’.


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